Premium Wi-Fi Service.
Virtually no cost.
Premium wi-Fi Service. virtually no cost.

With Sound, there’s no upfront cost, no hidden fees, and free support. Plus, we’ll work with you to maximize your offering and create new revenue streams for your investment. Get started with a quote-It takes less than 2-minutes

A Great Product for a Great Price

$0 Out of Pocket Cost

Pay $0 out of pocket when installing new service or upgrading existing service with Arise. Your first monthly installment is due at completion of installation. 

Free Installation

All equipment and cabling installation is included. Sound specializes in short installation times. Average installation times are 2-3 business days. 

No Hidden Fees

We take pride in the simple nature of the service we provide. You can expect superior customer service and no hidden fees with your service agreement. 

Free Support and Equipment Maintenance

Service calls and equipment maintenance are FREE. Residents and site teams will gain access to unlimited technical support. Sound is U.S. based and customer support is available 24/7. 

Grow Your Bottom Line and Make Money With arise

There’s more to Sound than just premium WiFi service. We aim to make our clients better and create value for their investment. 

Improve Resident Retention

Better resident retention rates means less turnover cost. With Sound, you won’t risk losing a valuable resident over a poor connection. We’re experts at eliminating internet problems. 

Increase Your NOI

Introduce new income opportunities with premium WiFi service. We’ll do the market research for you and assist in the monetization process. 

Upgrade Your Amenity Offering

Reliable internet is consistently the highest rated housing amenity for students. Sound manages the resident experience from move in to move out. You can expect superior service. 

Start Making money with Premium WiFi.

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